Whatcha See is Whatcha Get

October 7, 2009

It’s great to be back home. As many of you know I spent the summer in CT working on a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at a hospital there. I missed a lot of what I like about living in this area—the diversity, the arts, the food options, the people. Of course there were things I didn’t miss—the humidity, the traffic, the waiting in line for this and that. CT is beautiful—mountains and rivers, clean air and blue skies. And I did see something that took me by surprise. Call me naïve or city-bred, but I saw something that I thought only came in a bottle out by the side of the road. Yes, imagine my surprise as I looked out my car window in amazement to see this thing—just walking and pecking at the ground. And I stopped and gave pause and wondered—how do they get that in a bottle and why do people drink it? Do you know what I’m talking about here? I saw a Wild Turkey! Wild Turkey comes in a bottle, am I right? And a lot of times that bottle is in a paper sack—maybe that’s so the critter doesn’t get away! So, my mind was expanded as I got to see a bit of nature up close and personal.

As we desire to create our preferred future, one of the things that can help us is a Spiritual Vision. What is a spiritual vision? A spiritual vision is simply stating what it is that we desire in our lives. It sets the tone and the focus for how we will live our lives and what we will attract. It helps us to live “on purpose”. It essentially is a template for how we want our lives to be and how that BEing involves our connection with Spirit. It serves as our divine GPS, telling us when we have left the intended route and how to get back on track. Just think for a minute, what if your GPS told you to turn left and you decided to ignore it? Then instead of recalculating the route to get you back on track, your GPS just said, “What the heck, do as you please.” Would you actually spend money to have that? Would you ever get to your intended destination? Maybe, but chances are heavily weighed against that happening.

The same is true with a spiritual vision. A spiritual vision helps us to create on purpose. If we live our lives without a vision we are living our lives accidentally—not purposefully. Which sounds more appealing? The one caveat here is that our ability to create our desired lives works whether we are visioning what we want or what we do not want. The direction our thoughts go is always our choice. This corresponds with the metaphysical Law of Creation—the universe hears whatever it is our thoughts focus on and goes about creating it. So you think, “I don’t want to be destitute forever.” The Universe hears “destitute forever”. You think, “This is not where I want to be living two years from now.” The Universe hears “Where I want to be living.” So our negative thoughts can impact what we create for ourselves.

And this leads up to today’s topic. Borrowing from the 1972 hit song of the group The Dramatics, I’ve titled today’s message “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get.” To be true to the song, it is not “what you see”, but “whatcha see”. Whatcha see as your preferred reality is whatcha get. Whatcha create as your vision is whatcha manifest. Whatcha think about is whatcha create.

So let’s take a look at how we create our spiritual life vision. How many times have we heard someone say to another, “Get a life why don’t you?” Well, I want to affirm that sentiment right here and right now. To myself and to all of you, “Get a life why don’t you?!!” And, that is meant in the highest vibration, not the lowest! Thank you, I will. And to underscore that life, I have decided to use the letters L I F E to help us remember the steps in this spiritual life visioning process. The fours steps are LISTEN, INTEND, FOCUS, AND EXPECT.

Listen-As we listen to the catch phrase in the Dramatics song, it helps us to remember that we are in charge of our thoughts and actions that create our desired vision. As we stop all of the mind chatter and block out the distractions; as we stop believing in lack or the “I cant’s” or the “if only’s”, we afford ourselves the opportunity to get quiet and listen. Listen for the voice of God within, the energy that helps us to remember who we truly are. And who are we? Beloved children of God, who are created in God’s image, and through whom all things are possible. Listen for the vibration that says “I am one with my creator. Any sense of separateness is an illusion.” Listen for the truth of who we are and what we have come here in our physical manifestation to do–to give love and to receive love

As I recall my own path to where I am today, I can say that my listening was drowned out by my shouting. I was shouting at injustice, shouting at racism, at homophobia, at sexism, at anyone who wasn’t shouting right along with me. I was busy blaming others for how I felt and what I experienced. Anyone here ever do that—blame others for how we are feeling and for what we are experiencing? Once I closed my mouth and opened my ears and my heart, I knew I was creating my own drama. Yes, I was the leading lady in my own dramatic series. Is that what’s called a lesbian thespian???

So listen for that still, small, always present voice within that will never fail you. Call it the hard drive for your spiritual positioning system. The voice that says choose love, remember your divinity, know you are perfect. The voice that aligns all of us with our life’s purpose.

Intend-Intention is always a part of manifesting and creating what it is we want. Uncertainty breeds uncertainty. Confusion attracts confusion. Mixed messages bring mixed results. Intend to live the life you want to live. Intend for your vision to be large, to be love-filled, to be joyful, and to be in alignment with the highest vibration you can imagine and then some. What is your desired future on the spiritual level as well as the physical, mental, and emotional levels? Set the intention to create and manifest it. At the end of our days, as we sit in the rocking chair, and drink wild turkey or lemonade or our beverage of choice, and we reflect on our life’s purpose, how will each of us complete the following statement? “I lived my life exactly as I intended to. And, it was my intention to live my life…” How will you fill in those blanks? Time’s a wasting. Living with intention will bring to each of us a well-lived purposeful and purpose-filled life. Whatcha see is whatcha get. Intend your life to be exactly as you desire.

Focus-As we create our vision for our life, it is important to be as specific as possible. Imagine that each of our lives is like a camera lens. If the view frame has the object we are looking at all fuzzy and blurry, the picture we take will turn out fuzzy and blurry. If the vision we are creating for our lives is nebulous and wishy-washy and full of maybe’s, our life will turn out that way. Focus, focus, focus. I recently got a new phone that has a camera on it. I finally figured out how to work the thing, and took some pictures with my 3.2. megapixel lens and whoa—was I ever disappointed in how the pictures looked. I couldn’t understand it. I was looking at the object and it looked cloudy on the screen, and when I looked at the picture it was blurry and hazy. Oh no, I thought, please don’t make me have to go back to the phone store. I kept playing with it, and a day or two later I figured out what the cause of the haze was. You know when you buy an electronic gizmo it has this thin clear plastic layer on it to keep it from scratching? And once you peel it off the metal looks so shiny and finger prints so easily make it a mess? Well, that thin layer of plastic was still positioned on top of the camera lens. Duh. It was definitely a case of whatcha see is whatcha get. So, let me ask all of you, what filmy plastic layer are you keeping on top of your vision so that it is never crisp and clear? Focus and be specific in what you want. Whatcha see is whatcha get.

Expect We recently heard here in the Chapel an exhortation to “expect the unexpected best.” That sentiment applies today as well. Expect your vision to manifest. Expect your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to be in alignment with your life purpose. Expect love not fear. Expect abundance not lack. Expect peace not chaos. Expect to be able to pay the mortgage, get the car, find the job, meet your soul mate, win an Oscar, and discover a cure for cancer. Expect it. Expect all the goodness that life has to offer, expect to be One with Spirit, expect that your vision will manifest and that you will live your life with purpose and on purpose.

Dreams birth vision. Vision creates inspiration and enthusiasm. Inspiration provides intention, momentum and expectation, and releases us to achieve amazing things. When it’s a dream and vision co-created with Spirit, we end up doing extraordinary things.

As we move forward in creating our spiritual life vision, remember, get a life!

L — Listen for the truth of who we are and what we have come here in our physical form to do.

I — Intend your life to be exactly as you desire. 

F — Focus and be specific in what you want.


E — Expect all the goodness that life has to offer.

In Hebrew a toast that is used in drinking to a person’s health or well-being is L’chaim. To Life. And thus, I say to you and to myself, L’chaim. Let us all live our life’s purpose. Let us create our spiritual life vision so that whatcha see is whatcha get and it is exactly whatcha want. 


© 2019 Bonnie J. Berger. All rights reserved.