The Miracle of Miracles

December 18, 2012

This past week was a week of miracles for me. A week of grace and love and definitely divine intervention. It was a week where God showed up time and time again, and for that I give tremendous thanks.

I know I have mentioned my Dad before during my time up here at the podium. How with a lot of forgiveness work and heart-opening prayer and meditation I came to a loving and accepting relationship with him. And I love him. And last week I went back to Ohio—where I was raised and where he lives—to break the news to him and to support him as he learned he would be residing full time in a nursing facility.

There is little that prepares us as humans for these life cycle transitions. We can read all of the textbooks, peruse all of the internet articles, and talk all we want to friends and professionals—yet we each experience these moments in deeply personal and individual ways. And speaking just for myself, I know I do a lot better during these challenging times when I expect a miracle.

In A Course in Miracles, a miracle is defined as simply the right answer. It is the correct choice within our mind. A miracle has nothing to do with anything in the physical world. It is any thought we have with God—it is the love that inspires our actions, not the actions themselves. And so it was divine love—a miracle–that inspired me to go and be with my father. At that moment what he did or didn’t do no longer mattered. As my father faces the final chapter of his life, being present to him and allowing God’s love to flow through me was a miracle that connected us beyond any human design.

And this is the season of miracles is it not? For example, there is the holiday of Hanukkah which celebrates the victory of the Jewish people over the Asyrians about 150 years before Christ was born. As the story goes, the Asyrians were a pagan people—while the Jewish people were the only people in the world at that time to believe in one God. The Asyrians forbid the Jews to practice their faith, and were instead forced to bow down to carved idols that were placed in the holy temple. A brave Jewish family called the Maccabees rose up and united the Jewish people against the Asyrians. The Maccabees were out-numbered, out-weaponed, and out-classed in war. The Jewish people should have been annihilated, but won because of courage, hope, and faith, and, as it is written, the miracles that God made to support them.

After the Jews were victorious they re-entered their temple and found it in a shambles. They cleaned it up and when it came time to re-light the Menorah—the candelabra—they searched the entire Temple, but only found one small jar of oil. Miraculously, the oil in that small jar burned for eight days, until a new supply of oil could be pressed.

From then on, the Jewish people have observed a holiday for eight days in honor of this historic victory and the miracle of the oil. That miracle that happened all those hundreds of years ago today serves as a reminder not only to the Jewish people, but to all people, of God’s love and support and presence in our lives.

The miracle of the oil would at first glance seem to be a miracle based on the description of most miracles in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures where God manipulates the ‘laws of nature’. Examples of these kind of miracles include parting the Red Sea, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, deliverance of the Ten Commandments, cleansing leprosy, walking on water, and saving the Jewish people from annihilation on numerous occasions.

But let’s take another look at that oil. What if that oil burned inside of each of us instead of externally in the menorah? What if the miracle was not only that the oil lasted eight days instead of the expected one day,, but also that when we tap into our internal oil—that is our Oneness with our Creator—our every cell is transformed into expressions of love? And, what if, with that internal transformation to love, our external world reflected and vibrated with this love? A miracle is nothing more than a changed mind. Miracles truly aren’t material things—they are feelings of deep unconditional love that is ours as we connect with our Source. They are not reserved for the few—such as those megapowerball winners. Each of us can claim a miracle for ourselves anytime we choose.

A Course in Miracles Lesson #77 states I am entitled to miracles. And it goes on to say, “You are entitled to miracles because of what you are. You will receive miracles because of what God is. And you will offer miracles because you are one with God. Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself. It does not depend on any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself nor on any of the rituals you have devised. It is inherent in the truth of what you are. It was ensured in your creation and guaranteed by the laws of God.”

So, how do we claim these miracles for ourselves? Glad you asked! I offer you three steps:

1) Become Aware-remember and recognize that we are not only entitled to miracles, we are the ones, through our Oneness with God, who create them.

2) Make the Conscious Choice to create miracles.

3) Be the Miracle

Step #1: Become Aware–remember and recognize that we are not only entitled to miracles, we are the ones, through our Oneness with God, who create them.

I admit that sometimes I have Divine Amnesia. I forget where I came from and what, through my birthright of being created as a spiritual Being, I am capable of. I retreat to past habits of thinking I have to do everything by myself, that I am alone in this lifetime, and that life is a struggle with only the certainties of being born dying, and paying taxes. And then I have my “V 8” moment. Remember those commercials where the actor hits him- or herself on the head and proclaims “I should have had a V 8?” Well, when I start to let my fear- and Ego-based thoughts dominate my Being and my existence, then it’s time to smack my head and remember my internal oil. That is the oil and lubricant of love and Oneness and Holiness. The oil that reminds me that I am entitled to miracles just because that’s how much God loves me and how I was created. The first step in miracle creating is being Aware that we create our own reality—and our reality can be full of miracles and expressions of love with every step and breath we take.

Step #2: Make the conscious choice to create miracles

Let’s for a moment pretend that we are really really craving something yummy and sweet. We look in our cupboard and find that we have every ingredient we need to bake a really amazing cake. We have flour, eggs, and baking soda. We have oil and the right pan. And of course some very decadent icing. We assemble all of these things in front of us. Then as we think about getting started, we stop. Our mind has told us we can’t bake, or that we don’t have the correct pan or mixer. We are not good enough or smart enough or deserving enough or loveable enough to create this cake. How frustrating and disappointing is this?? What we are left with is a craving, an unfulfilled desire, and ultimately suffering as we feel undeserved, not good enough, and denied.

And so it is with miracles. We always have with us all of the ingredients we need to create miracles. And for whatever reason, we consciously or unconsciously don’t choose creation. You know the saying “We are in this world not of this world”? When I was with my father, if I had chosen to be “of this world” I would have been fear-ridden, fragile, and bereft. As I remembered my miracle-making ability, I plugged into Spirit. I had a sense of connection and a knowledge that I wasn’t alone, and that love embraced and surrounded me. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! It truly was a miracle moment. I had dreaded the moment of sitting down with my father and brother. I wanted to run from the room and wish the whole situation away. And, as I breathed in my Oneness, my connection, my miracle-making ability, I stayed present and in a vibration of love.

So Step #2, make the conscious choice to create a miracle.

Step #3: Be the Miracle

Now, more than ever before, we are called to Be the Miracle. As we move from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius we are invited to shed all notions of limitation and doubt. This is a time on the planet that we can erase old patterns of erroneous thought and the solidness of suffering. Be the Miracle. Be the living, breathing, acting, heart-centered divinely radiating person you are ordained to be. Every person in this room knew and choose when they walked through the portal, to become embodied here at this time. Each of us has elected on a deeply soulful and unconscious level to be here. To be here with every cell reflecting the divine, free of fear, and helping all to raise their vibration. Be the miracle. Here and now in this time.

What does it take to Be the Miracle? Think of a long extension cord connecting each of us through our crown chakra to the One. That connection allows the divine flow of love, grace, peace, abundance, and harmony to penetrate our core. Imagine a glass of water. Drop a bit of red food coloring into it and voila, the water is now red. Drop a bit of God into our system—and voila—a miracle can occur. Our connection to God and thus to miracles is ours just because of who we are.

So, create your own miracles, everyday—heck, every hour if you wish.

1) Become Aware–remember and recognize that we are not only entitled to miracles, we are the ones, through our Oneness with God, who create them.

2) Make the Conscious Choice to create miracles.

3) Be the Miracle

I did leave Cleveland with a heavy heart. The house where my Dad lives belonged to his parents—my grandparents. It is filled with many memories of family gatherings, great food, holidays together. And I can choose to fill my heart with loss or fill my heart with the love and joy that those times brought me. I can choose separation and fear, or Oneness and love. I can erroneously think that I have enough oil for only one night of light like the Jews of long ago, or I can choose an inferno of light for a lifetime. I can choose and I DO CHOOSE to create my miracle right here right now. Join me in miracle making. That indeed is the miracle of miracles.


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