Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

March 11, 2007

The Law of Attraction
March 11, 2007
Rev. Bonnie J. Berger

The Law of Attraction is the principle by which we attract into our lives that which is in vibrational alignment with our consciousness, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. In other words, like attracts like.

As quantum physics proves, reality is comprised of wavelengths of energy that respond directly to our thoughts. We are the creator of our experience. Recent scientific work has identified particular ranges of frequencies that scientists are able to measure. Interestingly enough, negative energies, like anger and rage, measure very low on the scale, while positive energies like those given off by prayer and meditation reach the highest measurements.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are in a bad mood. You are feeling pretty negative. At that particular moment in time your personal vibration, the energy of your thoughts and words is in the lower frequencies. Did you ever have one of those days where everything turned out wrong? The cat knocks over your morning coffee, driving to work your car gets a flat tire. At work your boss blames you for something that was out of your control. You schlep to the dry cleaner after work and he has lost your clothes. And, when you shower before bed you discover that the pilot light on the hot water heater has gone out. Sound familiar??

Your personal vibration is a reflection of the energy of your thoughts and words. Lower vibration attracts undesirable experiences. There are no accidents. The Universe works on a specific set of principles that do not waver. Like attracts like whether WE are conscious of it—or whether we believe it.

The good news here is that we have choice around our personal vibration. If, for example, we are feeling great, we live a high energy vibration and are in a place to attract other high vibrations.

Generally, things that we want enter into our lives.

So, a major element of the Law of Attraction is that it works based on our energetic frequency.

We truly do create our own realities. Many of us focus on the things we don’t want. For example, have you ever been rushing in your car and say “Please don’t let me get stuck behind a slow truck.” What the Universe hears is “slow truck”. Bingo—a slow truck pulls out in front of you at the next corner. What we focus on, expands. What we give attention to always gets bigger. If we focus on our lack of money or time, we will just increase our lack.

OK, so there we have the mechanics behind the Law. Well, how do we make the Law work FOR us? Rev. Jim’s title for today was “Making the Secret Work for Us.” So, let’s go with that. Let’s work it! Using the letters W O R K let’s look at the components for the successful use of the Law of Attraction.

W – Wishes, Wants or Needs

What is it that we desire to attract in our lives? Clothes, a new job, a luxury car?

Needs are life requirements—not having these needs can bring a cycle of feeling lack, desperation, and the absence of what we require…food and shelter.

A want is something that we desire or crave. It is not necessary for our survival—but can be within reach…a new shirt or concert tickets.

Wishes are those things we might desire—but never anticipated actually having. A fancy sports car, or exotic vacation perhaps.

In our Western society, needs are acceptable things to strive for, as are some wants. Wishes are a different story! Some wishes bring judgment or recrimination. We sometimes absorb these societal beliefs. Those wishes are seen as too big, too extravagant. We feel unworthy and undeserving of these grand wishes.

The Law of Attraction assures us that the benevolent Universe seeks for us to have everything we desire. Any need. Any want. Any wish. Our thoughts, words, and actions—when coming from the Highest Self, or the highest vibration—the vibration of Love, opens the doorway through which the Law of Attraction flows.

So as we WORK the Law of Attraction we use our imagination to set Wishes for what we intend to attract.

O – Open to Receiving

We are co-creators with the source of life that is always conspiring in our favor. This Source will and does perform any amount of miracles and magic for the attainment of our desires. As we grow in trust, and grow in the gifts and offerings that will come our way, we begin to work with the Law of Attraction. As divine gardeners in this life, we are invited to seed our intentions with our wishes and imagination. Our highest good is served if we are open and willing to receive bounty in our world.

Sometimes we forget to open our arms to receiving all that comes to us. Sometimes abundance comes disguised. Let me share with you a personal experience. I yearned for a personal relationship with G-d. I created the intention that my life’s work would be about serving G-d. I prayed and I meditated and I waited. And waited. I expected that it would emerge through the lens of my Jewish heritage. I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but I thought the path would be revealed through the rabbi I was studying with. Imagine my surprise when I realized that metaphysics spoke more to my belief system, and imagine my even greater surprise when I took the path to become an ordained interfaith minister.

I had to release attachment to how I expected the outcome to look and flex my faith muscle in surrender to my Higher Power.

The more we recognize that we are connected to an all-loving infinitely abundant source, the more we will allow the gifts and synchronicities, however they look A huge part of the openness to receive is the knowledge that we are Deserving. We are Worthy. We are all G-d’s children in whom She is well-pleased. G-d, who is the Source, who lives in all creation, and within us. This G-d wishes and desires for us to have all that we care to have. We deserve all the love and goodness and abundance that is ours just because.

So—as we work this Law—let’s be Open to receive.

R – Recognition

As we identify what it is we wish to attract, it is important to recognize, name, and celebrate the Source—All That Is– as the well of abundance and deep and wide love. Being grateful for what we already have attracts more of it into our lives. Gratitude opens our heart and creates space for more. Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation and is synonymous with abundance. When we appreciate something we focus on it lovingly which makes it grow and expand.

One way that I have grown in gratitude is to keep what is called a “Blessings Journal.” Each evening before going to bed, I make a list of all of the things I am grateful for. This creates space for Love. It keeps my thoughts and beliefs in the framework of abundance versus lack.

And so we Recognize that Higher Power, Source of All Creation as the benevolent loving presence that is always caring for us and always ready to say “yes”.

K – Ko-Ordinate

OK—so I have taken some sermon-givers leeway here and decided to spell Ko-Ordinate with a K. As we create the needs, wants, and wishes we’d like to attract, we are called to witness how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are aligned. This aligning coordinates the frequency of the higher self with G-d vibration….leading to manifestation. Think of it like we are tuning two or three different radios to the same station. As the station is tuned in, the music amplifies and becomes clear and resonant. Beliefs that come from fear, lack, or unworthiness, are like static. The melody is clouded and discordant.

Engaging the Law of Attraction involves harnessing the power of our minds and emotions. It involves creating a new approach to our lives and the way we think and feel for the attainment of our desires. This may take practice. If we don’t manifest immediate results and our goal does not materialize instantly before our eyes, don’t give up. Work at refining the tools of attraction.

I had an idea of who my perfect partner would be. I had my list of characteristics clearly defined. Nothing short of those attributes would do. I placed ads on a good variety of dating sites. I kept coming up short. I grew frustrated, pessimistic, and was ready to believe that I was destined to be alone. I was swimming in lack.

At the core of me, I still believed that I was deserved and that the Universe would provide. So, hope does spring eternal. The person I ended up falling head over heels for, did not have many of my “must have” qualities. And she had qualities that I never would have anticipated or seen if I had remained attached to my ego-created checklist. Now I know that if ego is involved, G-d isn’t. My partner has helped me to re-write my list where G-d is central to each of our lives and to our combined life. A new improved approach to my life was created.

This would never have occurred if my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes were not aligned. What first shows up may be the stepping stones that will take us to our goal. So have humility and faith and keep visualizing the outcome. Where there’s vision, there’s a way.

And so we have looked at how to make the Secret work for us. That secret is the Law of Attraction. All of us can “WORK” it. Know what our wants, needs, and wishes are. Be Open to Receive all of the love and abundance that Spirit makes available. Recognize and be grateful for the love and possibilities that are ours ‘just because’. Ko-Ordinate all aspects of Self to keep from giving mixed messages to the Universe.

Finally, the more we love and value ourselves and others, the more we will attract our basic needs, our spontaneous wants, and our extravagant wishes. With love success becomes effortless. Love is the highest vibration. It heals. It purifies. It elevates. It expands. Love is the key for harnessing the Law of Attraction and manifestation
There it is. The Secret is out. Pass it on. There are no limits to what we can create.


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