Downloading God's Love

March 11, 2008

Downloading God’s Love
Rev. Bonnie J. Berger
March 9, 2008

I want to make my confession upfront and right away. I am not a computer geek. I have never worked in IT—information technology; I don’t keep up with the latest bells and whistles in computer wizardry; and I don’t know a RAM from a bull—though I do know a mouse when I see one.

And in thinking about the Chapel’s March theme “Making Room for God,” even my non-techie mind made it’s way to thinking how I am hearing so much these days about downloading—onto our computers, into our iPods, and sometimes even into our human brains.
When this downloading is happening we worry about our connection—how quick is it, how secure is it? We worry about our computer’s memory—is there enough, will we have surpassed our capacity? And we worry about the original source—does it have a virus, is it reputable, is it compatible with our system?

And, well, I think you all know where I’m heading here. There is one download that we don’t have to worry whether we have a secure high-speed connection. There is one download that we don’t have to be concerned that we have enough memory or space. There is one download that we can rest assured that the Source is reputable and fully compatible with our system. That download comes from God. And, God’s love is always downloading into us, 24/7, free to us– God’s beloved children, with no errors or system incompatibility. Now, how good is that? So, this morning I am going to talk about making room for God’s download of love.

Tell me, has anybody already downloaded some of God’s love this morning? What did it look like or feel like? Sound like or taste like? You see, God’s love is in everything that we experience. Did we open up our eyes this morning—God’s love. Did we get out of bed, say hello to a loved one, get dressed, eat breakfast, and travel safely to the Chapel—God’s love.

And God’s love was even in the mess we had to clean up from our children or pets, in the stack of bills that are waiting for our attention, and in the annoying driver in the car next to us. God doesn’t stop or interrupt the download—it’s us, having our human experience that gets in the way. That short circuits the direct connection.

And we get in the way in so many different ways. We question, “No, God couldn’t continue to love me after what I did—could She?”

We doubt. “How can there be a God when all this bad stuff is happening across the globe?”

We ignore, “Well, I’m not going to do the “God thing” this time.”

And, we rationalize, “I’m sure God wouldn’t mind if this just this once…”

We get in the way of downloading God’s love though our thoughts, our beliefs, and our actions. Remember the Law of Attraction—where we align our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to create our desired reality? Staying in the vibration of doubt, ignorance, and rationalization will interfere and make static with the God-cast (like pod cast…). God’s Divine Love—is what is also known metaphysically as the Law of Love. Love is the fulfillment of all other metaphysical laws. The Source of All Love and the Source of all Life are one and the same. Divine love brings “good” to you, adjusts and transforms all misunderstandings, and creates or re-creates our lives as health, happiness, harmony, and freedom. Now that is one powerful download!

I know that when I am not hooked up to the Love download, it is I who has done the unhooking—not God. I think I may have shared this here before—when I walk into the hospital to start my chaplaincy shift—my prayer to God is to “get me out of your way.” I ask God to use me—to let me be the Divine vehicle to bring light, love, compassion, and healing to all those I come in contact with. I ask God to help me build a “We-Lationship”—not a re-lationship—but a we-lationship—so that any separation be dissolved and my Oneness with God be affirmed. When I am in we-lationship with God, the download is strong, fast, full, and amazing.

How can we build this we-lationship? How can we establish the Divine connection with God to allow the download to flow into us anytime and anywhere? I have three steps I will share with you—and I will introduce those steps with this lovely poem entitled,

“The Computer User’s Reboot Poem”

Don’t you wish when life is bad
and things just don’t compute,
That all we really had to do
was stop and hit reboot?

Things would all turn out ok,
life could be so sweet
If we had those special keys
Ctrl, Alt, and Delete

Your boss is mad, your bills not paid,
your wife, well she’s just mute
Just stop and hit those wonderful keys
that make it all reboot

You’d like to have another job
but you fear living in the street?
You solve it all and start a new,
Ctrl, Alt, and Delete

And, so the 3 steps I offer to you to access God’s love download are:
1. Control; 2. Alt; 3. Delete.

Step 1 Control

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word control, is Janet Jackson’s song by that same name. She opens her 1986 song by stating,

“This is a story about control, my control
Control of what I say, control of what I do
And this time I’m gonna do it my way
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do
Are we ready? I am? Cause it’s all about control
And I’ve got lots of it.”

I agree with her—it is about controlling what we say and do. Metaphysics 101—our thoughts create our reality. As we control our thoughts, we create our desired present and future. To tap into God’s love download we are called to control our thoughts by choosing love over fear. We exert control by making a conscious choice to know that our highest good is unfolding with our every breath. We demonstrate control in that we respond and not react. We affirm our control in that ultimately we know that we are in God’s hands and that we are being well taken care of.
That really is quite ironic—to affirm our control by acknowledging that God is in control. It boils down to the well known phrase—humans plan and God laughs. And, irony or not, how we see life is within our control. The more we tune into love, the clearer and stronger God’s download will be.

Step 2 Alt

I am assuming here that alt stands for Alternate—or is it Alternate? Actually, it is both. The word can be used both as an adjective and a verb.

First – ‘alternate’–when we begin to have thoughts that we know don’t serve us—it’s time to come up with new ones—to find alternate ones. Most often, when we feel a disconnect from God’s love we are tapping into something about ourselves that we don’t like—we feel worthless or unworthy, stupid, unlovable, or simply not good enough. Remember Step 1—control our thoughts to control our reality. Replace the unloving thoughts with loving ones. Create your own affirmations—“I can’t do this” becomes “I am competent and capable.” “I will never find love” becomes “I am loving and lovable.” “God doesn’t hear my prayers” becomes “I am God’s beloved child. I know that I am safe and taken care of.” As we find alternate thought patterns we open up our airwaves to God’s Divine download.

Then there’s alternate. There’s more than one way to clear divine airwaves without a high speed modem. Alternate techniques. I just mentioned affirmations. Meditation and prayer are two of the most effective ways for plugging into God’s love. Talk to God, that’s essentially what prayer is. And it’s not just asking God for favors. Prayer is also thanking and praising God for having brought us this far. As we pray and affirm all that we know God to be, we affirm who we really are. Meditation is quieting our minds and listening for God. Incorporate all three—affirmation, prayer, and meditation–and I do believe you might just have a holy trinity of alternate ways to connect with God. So Step #2 alternate and alternate.

Step 3 Delete

Finally, to make ourselves fully available and open to download God’s love, we must delete any static, interference, or power drains that get in our way. I’m referring here not just to our thoughts, but to people, places, and/or things. There is a process on the computer where a hard drive can be defragmented. In my elementary understanding, this is a way to reorganize or reallocate the storage on a computer’s hard disk by bringing together files or parts of files to optimize the machine’s performance. What do each of us need to do to defrag ourselves to optimize our performance? What is taking up space on our personal hard drives that we can delete? Are there people in our lives who bring us down instead of uplifting us? Are there places—for example our workplace or our home environment that cause us distress rather than comfort? Are there things that clutter our lives that we can eliminate? Hit the delete button and release all of those things. Hit the delete button and release people, places, and thoughts that keep us locked into unhealthy and self-defeating patterns. The more space we give to God, the more we optimize our performance.

We can defrag anywhere at any time. “God, take these thoughts that don’t serve me and help me to replace them with loving thoughts.”

“God, help me to bless and release those people in my life who no longer see me as the divine being that I am.”

“God, help me to identify the skills and talents that I have and lead me to a work environment that will honor and reward me for them.”

“God, help me to de-clutter my home, my health, my life, and my heart so that I can be open to receive your love, your grace, and your healing right here and right now.” Delete delete delete.

Control, alt, delete. Control our thoughts. Find alternate thoughts and alternate methods for accessing God’s download. Delete any thoughts, persons, places, or things that fragment us and keep from connecting with our Oneness with God.

On the computer keyboard when we push control, alt, delete in sequence, what happens? We REBOOT. To reboot a computer is to start it up again after a computer crash. Hence, “reboot” has the connotation of starting a process over again. God gives us as many reboots as we want. Actually, every breath that we take in is a reboot. Every praise that we offer is a reboot. Every affirmation of our Oneness with Spirit is a reboot.

How many of us would like to reboot an experience or interaction just with the press of those three buttons?

God’s love is always downloadable. We have everything we need to make that Divine link. Enough space, the fastest connection imaginable, a reliable Source. There is no system ever made that can compare with this one. Control Alt Delete. Turn on, tune in, and download away.


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